Aragua Tigers vs Lara Cardinals LIVE When and where to

Aragua Tigers vs. Lara Cardinals LIVE: When and where to watch the LVBP 2024 Round Robin game?

Watch Tigres de Aragua vs. Cardinals from Lara LIVE from LVBP Round Robin 2023-24, via IVC j I would do sports ONLINE FOR FREE. The Bengalis, the penultimate, dreams of another categorical victory against the Pájaros Rojos that will bring them closer to the classification. However, the Twilights Leones want to steal second place. The baseball game, which will be played at the José Pérez Colmenares Stadium, will be played this Friday, January 12, at 7:00 p.m. Venezuela and La República Deportes bring you MINUTE BY MINUTE.

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When will the Tigres de Aragua vs. Cardinals take place for the LVBP 2024 Round Robin?

The duel Tigres de Aragua vs. Cardenales de Lara will go LIVE from the following day time plans from Friday, January 12, 2024:

  • Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico: 7 p.m
  • Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Miami, Philadelphia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador: 6 p.m
  • Mexico (Downtown), Chicago, Texas: 5:00 p.m
  • Mexico (Pacific), Denver: 4 p.m
  • Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle: 3 p.m
  • Chile, Argentina, Brazil: 8 p.m
  • España (Peninsula): 00:00 (Saturday 13).

Where to watch Tigers vs. Cardinals LIVE at LVBP Round Robin?

For all of Venezuela, IVC and ByM Sport will be responsible for broadcasting the game of the LVBP Round Robin. However, the first will also exist third game of the respective series between striped and larens in the rest of South America.

Tigres de Aragua vs Cardenales de Lara LIVEThe Cardinals had a difficult start to the round robin. Photo: LVBP

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Tigres de Aragua leads the LVBP 2024 Round Robin

So far the Tigers have a record of three Triumphs j Cinco Defeats in the round robin of the current postseason of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League:

  • Tigres de Aragua 5-6 Leones del Caracas | January 2nd | Simon Bolivar Monument
  • Aragua Tigers 2-5 Daisy Braves | January 3rd | university
  • Cardenales de Lara 5-6 Tigres de Aragua | January 4th | José Perez Colmenares
  • Daisy defies 1-6 Aragua Tigers | Jose Perez Hives
  • Tigres de Aragua 3-10 Cardenales de Lara | January 7th | Antonio Herrera Gutierrez
  • Daisy defies 5-4 Aragua Tigers | January 8th | Jose Perez Hives
  • Caracas Lions 2-7 Aragua Tigers | January 9th | José Perez Colmenares
  • Aragua Tigers 3-13 La Guaira Sharks | January 11th | University.

Tigres de Aragua vs Cardenales de Lara LIVEThe Tigers want to keep second place. Photo: Tiger