Arlindo Cruz had an orgasm in his diaper during a

Arlindo Cruz had an orgasm in his diaper during a hot conversation, his wife reveals TV

Arlindo Cruz has been in a delicate condition since 2017 when he suffered a stroke. Currently he is not speaking, walking and needs help feeding. But his wife Babi Cruz revealed that the samba singer is still capable of orgasms. He even enjoyed it while she recounted hot memories.

Babi made the revelation to Geraldo Luís during the program Geral do Povo, which airs this Sunday (14) on RedeTV! premiered. In conversation with the presenter, the former flag bearer did not shy away from revealing details about her sex life.

“I started, 'Do you remember that time we met at this place like that and how wonderful it was?' … I found a way to talk to Arlindo, get his attention and talk about our sex scenes.”

“At the end of that conversation I got cum and so did he without touching us. As I put my hand in the diaper [dele]which I looked at, I said, “Daddy, it was an orgasm, Daddy.” “What a birthday present you gave me,” Babi continued.

The interaction was facilitated by the doctors caring for the samba singer. “I said him [o médico] this fact. Then he asked me to talk again or make up stories like that to see if it caught his attention. [Arlindo]. “Man, right?” explained the woman.

The stimuli ultimately led to a change in the musician's condition. “And then I did a urine test on him and after that day sperm always came back,” she said without mincing words.

Babi also remembered the last time he had sex with Arlindo before he became bedridden after a stroke. “We had a wonderful amount of sex on March 17, in the morning, then he went into the shower. And that sex continued with me the whole time,” she said.

“I only came back that day [da fralda]. Because people have always been very worried about it, right? How have you been, how are you living? [sem sexo]?” emphasized the Passista.