A vehicle attacked by gunfire in Saint Leonard

Arm and leg found near school on Long Island

Police in Long Island, New York, have launched a murder investigation after an arm and leg were discovered near an elementary school.

The gruesome discovery was made on Thursday morning by a little girl who found a severed arm as she walked to school with friends. She called her father, who was there before calling the police.

Once there, police found a leg hidden under a pile of leaves.

According to authorities, the members were allegedly deposed recently.

“There are a lot of students here. We will speak to them to see if the members were seen yesterday. In our opinion it is quite new,” commented Detective Kevin Beyrer.

Complex identification

When experts examined the arm, they found that the fingertips had been cut off to prevent fingerprinting. However, a tattoo is visible there.

The person's gender has not yet been determined.

According to the New York Post