Artificial intelligence rapes and pillages comedian George Carlin 15 years

Artificial intelligence “rapes and pillages” comedian George Carlin 15 years after his death

The estate of American comedian George Carlin filed a complaint last Thursday against the creators of a video that featured the actor using artificial intelligence 15 years after his death.

The hour-long video, titled “George Carlin: I'm glad I'm dead,” was released on the comedy podcast Dudesy's YouTube channel.

Will Lasso and Chad Kultgen, who host the podcast, as well as the people behind the artificial intelligence called Dudesy, are being sued for copyright infringement over the “rape and pillage” video that Kelly Carlin called the late actor's daughter. her father's art.

The video does not show an image of Mr. Carlin, but his voice, which is taken over by artificial intelligence, addresses the actor's favorite topics such as religion and politics, but also current problems in the USA such as shootings, trans issues or even Donald Trump. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the comedian would even be inclined to joke about his own death.

“Carlin, one of the most legendary stand-up comedians in history, dedicated his life to perfecting his craft, but a duo of “podcasters” and a mysterious artificial intelligence hastily put together a special titled “George Carlin: I'm.” together “I'm Glad I'm Dead” without permission and posting it on YouTube,” Carlin's estate said in a statement to NBC News Thursday night.

“Let the artist’s work speak for itself. “People fear a vacuum so much that we can't allow what falls into it to stay there,” Kelly Carlin said on X in response to Dudesy's video.