As such Stefania Orlando breaks down for her ex husband

As such, Stefania Orlando breaks down for her ex husband: Malgioglio’s glamor

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Stefania Orlando celebrated her comeback “Such and Which Show” (for the occasion “How we will become Sanremo”) during the first of the two evenings dedicated to the Italian Song Festival. The showgirl took part in the Rai 1 program in 2021 and left a mark by imitating iconic artists such as Mina and Fiorella Mannoia. During these special episodes, participants must imitate the entertaining artists who wrote the history of Sanremo. It was the ex Vippona’s turn again harassmentwith the song “How to Change”, with which she took part in the music festival in 1984. In the presentation video that foreshadowed her appearance, Stefania unexpectedly spoke about her personal life. In fact, the former Vippona has been the focus of gossip lately the end of the marriage with Simone Gianlorenzi after almost 15 years of relationship.

The host was the last to appear on this episode on Saturday February 18th. Before the performance, a clip was broadcast in which she indulged herself personal reflections. In fact, Orlando confessed that the lyrics to Fiorella Mannoia’s song felt particularly close to her, as “be single again after so many years I feel very similar to that passage.” Then a conversation with acting coach Emanuela Aureli – who encouraged her to see the bright side of things – Orlando was moved. As Stefania read the words of the song, she couldn’t help herself the tears and was comforted by the coach’s hug.

The episodes of “Tale e quali Sanremo” were recorded a few months later in December the announcement of the separation between the presenter and her ex-husband. In fact, the two shared the decision to end their relationship through a post on Instagram last September. Apparently, the couple never recovered from the crisis after the presenter’s long stay with “Big Brother Vip”. Mourning the end of the storyso it was still fresh and Stefania showed everything without hesitation the suffering lived during this difficult time.

Malgioglio and the comment on the breakup with Stefania Orlando

The former Gieffina has finally performed with the song “Come si cambia” by Fiorella Mannoia Her performance was highly acclaimed from the judges. Loretta Goggi praised her singing skills, while Leonardo Pieraccioni was particularly impressed by her strong interpretation. So space for the verdict on Cristiano Malgioglio.

After recalling last December’s “terrible” impersonation by Caterina Caselli, the singer-songwriter then admitted he was pleasantly surprised by the performance. More, he was referring to the end of the marriage della Orlando: “I think when the love stories end, it’s better to sing”. In return, she was able to fully interpret the play by Fiorella Mannoia. “You put your heart into it,” he added. Finally, during the voting, Malgioglio decided to place Stefania second in his ranking, labeling her a “woman who has that broken heart”.