At 32 Thor Batista Shocks The Internet With His Aged

At 32, Thor Batista Shocks The Internet With His Aged Looks | Daniel Nascimento

At 32 years old, Thor Batista shocked the internet with his elderly appearancePhoto: Reproduction

Eike Batista's firstborn, Thor Batista, caused a stir on social media by sharing recent records. The celebrity posted a photoshoot with his partner Lunara Campos and their newborn son. However, the businessman drew attention not only for the arrival of his heir, but also for his elderly appearance at 32 years old.

Thor, known for his image as a “controversial playboy,” surprised everyone with his transformation into the “family man” version. With his gray hair, his bald head and his facial expression, the celebrity was a topic of conversation. The change in appearance caused a lot of interest among Internet users, raising questions about the businessman's lifestyle and decisions.

In the publication in which she appears with her husband, Lunara Campos celebrated the life of her son: “We celebrate the first month of our little love Thor II!” However, he made it clear that the moment was not the most peaceful: “This first month was intense, beautiful, full of emotions, lots of love, super tiring but very happy!” he concluded.

Thor's transformation continued to be a topic of conversation on social media: “He hit the 'Thor sledgehammer' hard!” joked one internet user. “With any luck, everyone will grow old,” mused another. “When did Thor stop being a hairy, reckless teenager and become a bald guy? How long did I sleep?” joked another.