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At 34 weeks pregnant, Geneviève Everell announces that she has breast cancer – Le Sac de Chips

Businesswoman and author Genevieve Everell, known at home as Miss Sushi, announced Thursday that she was diagnosed with breast cancer while nearly 35 weeks pregnant.

She announced this in a touching post on Instagram.

We can see Geneviève and her partner Nicholas Lavoie laughing during a photo shoot to immortalize the pregnancy. Little did the couple know that a mass had lodged itself in one of the woman's breasts.

“Today I am 34.5 weeks pregnant. A few weeks ago I felt a small lump in my left breast. I wasn't worried. I said to myself: It's probably the mammary glands, the milk, the hormones. You know, I’m pregnant: zero stress!”

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Then, a few weeks later, the mass grew. Geneviève therefore spoke to her doctor about it.

“She didn’t like what she touched, so she repeated it forcefully. Today I had my biopsy done at CHUM to find out more about what is in my body: a cancerous tumor and affected lymph nodes! The results to know the stadium will follow in the coming days (the endless wait).”

Several personalities sent their support to the 37-year-old as part of the publication, including Bianca Longpré, Nathalie Simard and Jessika Barker.

At 34 weeks pregnant Genevieve Everell announces that she has
1706226138 404 At 34 weeks pregnant Genevieve Everell announces that she has