At least 12 dead state of emergency

At least 12 dead, state of emergency

Sunday, March 3, advert Haiti, The authorities have imposed a curfew and Emergency for 72 hours thereafterattack by some armed gangs two prisons the capital Port-au-Prince. Approximately Saturday March 2nd 4,000 prisoners had escaped after the attack corridor to the state prison, while one was also attacked in the last few hours second prisonwhich numbers approximately 1400 Prisoners.

What is happening in Haiti: prisoners are escaping en masse

The prisons attacked held several local organized crime leaders and some people accused of assassinating the former president Jovenel Moisewhich took place in July 2021.

In addition to the two prisons, the armed gangs over the weekend attacked some police stations, the airport, the port and the stadium, where the gangsters allegedly held one of the employees hostage for hours.

The national prison in Haiti from which thousands of prisoners escaped

At least 12 dead, state of emergency declared

At least 12 peopleincluding four police officers, they are dead after the attacks, organized by armed groups hostile to the government and in particular to the interim Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry.

The authorities explained it Condition of emergency, Security forces searched prisons arresting some people.

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The fight between the gangs and the government

The rebel leader Jimmy Cherizier, known as Barbecue, addressed the police directly: “We reiterate that the population is not our enemy. Arrest Ariel Henry for liberating the country.”

Haiti has not held elections since 2016: Henry's government never realized its goal of organizing new ones February 7thand this caused a Intensification of protests in the poorest country in America.

The reaction of the armed gangs would have been provoked Henry's visit to Kenya Thursday, February 29, aimed at reaching agreements with Nairobi to send soldiers for this purpose fight against gangs. The mission was approved by the UNwill last a year and, led by Kenya, more than ten countries will take part.

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The power of armed gangs

80% of the capital Port au Prince is in the hands of criminal groupswho were responsible for more in 2023 8,000 murders and in general they have increased their influence throughout the country.

The country has always been in a very fragile social, political and economic situation. After the assassination of former President Moise, the spiral of violence increased exponentially corpses Left to rot in the streets beyond 200,000 displaced people and the use of Mass rape as a weapon used by gangs to maintain control of territory.

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