At the end of Travessia Chiara sees Debora in the

At the end of Travessia, Chiara sees Débora in the afterlife and ends with a farce: “My father is the one …” TV news

Author Gloria Perez chose an unusual way to promote Chiara’s (Jade Picon) meeting with Débora (Grazi Massafera) at the end of Travessia. The secretary will return “from beyond”, she will speak to the Preppy in the metaverse and confirm that the young woman is the result of her betrayal of Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi). “My father is the…”, the spoiled one will stammer in Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera.

The truth only emerges in the final chapter of the series. Ari’s exfiancée (Chay Suede) has already found out that Bianca Rossi was nothing more than a hoax invented by Guerra (Humberto Martins) to hide the girl’s origins. She will even confront the businessman, but he refuses to talk about it.

Cidália (Cássia Kis) will then decide to put an end to her boss’ lie. After the birth of Chiara, the Executive will ask Talita (Dandara Mariana) to recreate Débora in the metaverse.

Cotinha’s friend (Ana Lucia Torre) will take the little girl to the meeting. Chiara will enter a parallel reality with virtual reality goggles and come face to face with Débora’s avatar.

Grazi Massafera’s character is very emotional and stretches out her arms towards the young woman. “Are you… are you my mother?” asks the digital influencer. “Daughter…” confirms the blonde.

“So… my father… my father is the one…” the girl will understand. “Now you know,” says the secretary who died in the soap opera’s first chapter.

According to O Globo newspaper columnist Patrícia Kogut, the scene will be inspired by the film The Origin (2010) starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Travessia will end on the 5th, giving way to the telenovela Terra e Paixão, a storyline written by Walcyr Carrasco. The new primetime rural series features Barbara Reis as the protagonist.

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