ATP Juan Pablo Varillas qualified for the quarterfinals after beating

ATP: Juan Pablo Varillas qualified for the quarterfinals after beating Dominic Thiem

For his own good. Juan Pablo Varillas earned his place in the quarterfinals of the 2023 ATP 250 Argentina Open by defeating former world number three, Austria’s Dominic Thiem.

It was 14 years before a Peruvian returned to the top of a Grand Slam. Luis Horna did it in 2008 and last year Juan Pablo Varillas followed suit by securing a place in the tournament’s main draw Ronald Garros 2022, but Juanpi wanted more. A few months later, he took another important step. And exactly thirteen years later, a Peruvian returned to the top 100 of the ATP world rankings. The last to fly the flag on this list was Lucho in 2009. Horna made way for Varillas again and for the current Davis Cup captain of Peru this is just the beginning.

“Varillas has the level needed to make the top 50 in world tennis,” Horna said, pointing to the path our #1 racquet continues to follow. Rods said no to the Davis Cup against Ireland and that sacrifice will be rewarded today. Juanpi will not forget that February 16, 2023the day he achieved the long-awaited triumph at this stage in his career.

The Peruvian never fails to surprise and this time he qualified for the quarterfinals of the Argentina Open by beating Dominic Thiem 2-0 (6-4, 6-4) in an unforgettable day, confirming he is living his best moment Career.

Thiem, champion of US Open In the 2020 season, he has gradually tried to regain his best level, but in the round of 16 of the tournament in Buenos Aires, he faced Varillas, who showed a great level. The Austrian wasn’t just any rival as in March 2020 he achieved third place in the ATP ranking alongside 17 circuit titles.

It took Juan Pablo an hour and 48 minutes to pull off a great win. He capitalized on a quick opener advantage to take a 5-2 lead on serve. The Austrian was able to recover from a break but eventually that national tennis playerHe prevailed 6:4. In the final set, won by Juanpi, Thiem had a chance to bounce back with a break but the Peruvian never backed down. Varillas used his speed to rout his rival and secure his victory.

“The conditions were difficult. I could play my game and set conditions. He had a good chance of making a good game. I had in mind from the start that I could win because of the way I played. You play tennis for these kinds of matches. These are opportunities that do not always present themselves and must be seized. A tennis player’s career is not very long, so you have to enjoy it,” Varillas told a conference. Speaking of his game, he said, “I was able to remain aggressive. Dominic is a player who throws you far behind with his good long-range shots. It was important to dare and believe in it. Tournaments like this mean you don’t have to travel to play, which is difficult because it tires you out. I’m happy about that and I hope there are many more tournaments to come will,” he added after clarifying his goals. “I’m striving for more. I’m not satisfied with that. I still have to get out on the pitch and give it my all in the quarter-finals. Those games shape you, they give you a lot of experience. These are players who don’t give you many chances and you have to take advantage of them. You have to be 110%.”



It’s the place Rods will have in the ATP ranking from next week.


He will face other competitions: Rio Open in Brazil and the Chile Open.


It is the position in the ranking of Nicolás Álvarez, the second-ranked tennis player.

Teacher.  Juan Pablo Varillas surpassed Luis Horna more than once.  Photo: spread

Teacher. Juan Pablo Varillas surpassed Luis Horna more than once. Photo: spread