Attack on US base in Iraq media Several American soldiers

Attack on US base in Iraq, media: “Several American soldiers injured”. Syria, Damascus raid: 4 Pasdaran leaders killed. Netanyahu vs. Biden

2024-01-20 19:04:10

Attack on US base in Iraq: There are injured

American soldiers were injured in today's attack on the Al Asad base in Iraq, which was the target of missiles and rocket fire. US military sources confirmed this to CNN without providing information on the number of wounded or their condition. There is still no responsibility for the attack. Sharhabil al-Obaidi, mayor of al-Baghdadi in Anbar province, said the base was hit by multiple rocket fire from an area northeast of al-Baghdadi's area. Since October 7, US-led coalition forces in Iraq and Syria have faced over 140 attacks from pro-Iranian groups.

2024-01-20 19:03:01

Thousands in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu: “Resign”

Thousands of people demonstrate in Tel Aviv in the heart of the city and demand the dissolution of the Knesset and the calling of new elections. “Benjamin Netanyahu’s government must go home” is one of the most recited slogans of the protests. “Return the warrant. “Whoever divides will not unite, whoever destroys will not build, whoever destroys will not create,” said Yonatan Shamriz, whose brother Alon, a hostage in Gaza, was mistakenly killed by the Gaza army, quoted by the media. The demonstration was preceded by another demonstration held yesterday evening at the Prime Minister's House in Caesarea by the families of the abductees.

2024-01-20 18:44:23

Media: Several US soldiers injured in Iraq

Several American soldiers were injured in a rocket attack in western Iraq on a military base where American soldiers and troops from the international anti-jihadist coalition were stationed. According to American media reports citing a US official, American troops suffered minor injuries, while an Iraqi security force member was seriously injured.

2024-01-20 17:10:29

The US has destroyed a Houthi anti-ship missile

The US has destroyed a Houthi anti-ship missile. The US Central Command reports this and emphasizes that the missile is aimed at the Gulf of Aden and is ready to be launched. “American forces determined that the missile posed a threat to U.S. merchant vessels and vessels in the region and destroyed it in self-defense. “This action will make international waters safer,” says U.S. Central Command.

2024-01-20 13:38:37

Netanyahu vs. Biden on Palestinian sovereignty in Gaza

“Israel must maintain full control over the security of the Gaza Strip to ensure that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel, and this contradicts the Palestinian demand for sovereignty.” This is – according to Netanyahu’s office – the position that Benjamin Netanyahu in yesterday's conversation with Joe Biden. Netanyahu – the office added, citing reports that Netanyahu was not opposed to the two-state solution – “reiterated his consistent position for years,” he also announced at a press conference the day before meeting Biden.

2024-01-20 12:32:30

Hamas: “Biden is just an illusion about the Palestinian state”

“Selling the illusion that Biden is trying to talk about Palestinian statehood does not deceive our people.” Hamas representative Izzat al-Richiq said this on Telegram, rejecting the US president's claims about a Palestinian state. “Biden – he added – is a full partner in the war of genocide and our people do not expect anything good from him.”

2024-01-20 12:29:32

Attack on Damascus: 4 Pasdaran leaders killed

Four military advisers, members of the Revolutionary Guards, were killed today in an Israeli attack in Damascus, Syria, the Revolutionary Guards said in a statement quoted by state television. “The criminal Zionist regime has again attacked the Syrian capital and the usurping regime's warplanes have killed a number of Syrian forces and four Iranian military advisers,” the statement said.

2024-01-20 11:50:38

Israel drops leaflet south of Gaza with photos of hostages

The Israeli army dropped thousands of leaflets with photos of hostages still in captivity in the southern Gaza Strip. Media reported that the leaflets urged residents to provide information about the whereabouts of hostages held by terrorist groups and to offer rewards.

Jan 20, 2024 11:19:12 am

Tajani: “We have already decided on weapons for Israel, there is no point in talking about it”

“Since October 7th we have decided not to send any more weapons to Israel, so there is no discussion on this point.” “The decision has been made, we said it in Parliament”: Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said this in Milan and commented Elly Schlein's words about weapons for Israel.

01/20/2024 10:59:46

Two senior Pasdaran advisers killed in Damascus

Two senior advisers to Tehran's Revolutionary Guard were killed in the attack on a building in Damascus, which Syrian media attributed to Israel and left five people dead. This was reported by Haaretz, citing Iranian sources.

2024-01-20 09:49:53

Media: Iranian Pasdaran members among those killed in raid on buildings in Damascus

Members of the Iranian Pasdaran are believed to be among the dead in the attack on a building in Damascus, which the Syrian media attributed to Israel. This was reported by Haaretz, citing local media. Five people were killed.

After 27 days of silence, the US President Joe Biden He came back to talk to him Benjamin Netanyahu, to reaffirm to him that the United States remains focused on the creation of a Palestinian state, even though the Israeli prime minister ruled it out just yesterday. And that Israel must reduce the damage suffered by the civilian population in Gaza. The creation of a state for the Palestinians is not impossible under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “No, it is not,” Biden replied to those who asked him whether a two-state solution with Netanyahu was impossible.


The President then explained that the Israeli Prime Minister is not against all two-state solutions and that there are different types of them. The Hamas-aligned Al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades has released a video showing an Israeli hostage who was allegedly killed in an Israeli airstrike.