Attention Ovechkin is back

Attention, Ovechkin is back

Wayne Gretzky had better watch out, as star forward Alexander Ovechkin has been developing good attacking habits of late and now the No. 8 can once again hope to join him among the top scorers in the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Washington Capitals player scored in each of his last five duels and collected seven points in this winning streak. This brings him to 13 goals this season and 835 in his entire illustrious career, putting him 59 behind the La Merveille mark.

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However, at the beginning of the campaign, Ovechkin experienced a long journey through the desert. His streak of 14 duels without a single goal was probably one of the most unsatisfactory moments of his career in the Bettman circuit. Have there been any adjustments to the famous Russian's game over time?

“Obviously he’s a very skilled shooter,” forward TJ Oshie told He does a lot of little things really well that I think really helps us defensively. This generates an attack for him and he pushes into the opponent's zone. Then he returns to the defense area and stops in the right place. If our five guys on the ice can do that, our club will be successful.”

Distrustful rivals

On Sunday, the Vancouver Canucks left the American capital with a 3-2 win in overtime, not without conceding a goal for the renowned athlete. While “Ovi” has impressed many fans since its debut in 2005, the compliments continue to pour in.

“He represents the gold standard in goals in NHL history. Of course there is Wayne Gretzky. It is the best. But what Ovi achieved in that time he played is absolutely remarkable. I can't emphasize my respect for this enough. Plus, he got all the appreciation from the guys who faced him year after year in long playoff series,” noted Canucks fullback Ian Cole on the same website.

“His ability to remain a force in this league in a variety of ways is incredible. The durability is also sensational.”

The Caps will return to action on Tuesday when they host the Colorado Avalanche.