Author rules out changes to Renascer and declares Jose Venancio39s

Author rules out changes to Renascer and declares José Venâncio's death: “Immutable TV

Even after being criticized for keeping the original endings of Pantanal (2022), Bruno Luperi has no intention of changing his stance on Renascer. The author will update the work and introduce relevant current discussions into the trajectories of the characters they adopt and that is all. For this reason, the death of José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas), the third son of José Inocêncio (Humberto Carrão/Marcos Palmeira), has already been confirmed for this new version.

“Some things are unchangeable. I'm taking on the case of Pantanal. If you have Madeleine’s accident.” [Karine Teles] and she leaves the story, the whole story changes. If she stays, this story can't be told. “So some decisions have to be accepted, but you have to try to give it more meaning and make everything a little better,” the author began.

“In the original version I was five years old. I was outraged at my grandfather when Venâncio died: 'Why did you kill him?'. Today, with the experience I have, I understand what happened. There is a bigger story told,” explained the writer in an interview with the Play column in the newspaper O Globo.

The public had doubts about both results, as they were not initially included in Benedito Ruy Barbosa's original plans. Madeleine died in the first version of Pantanal (1990) only because her interpreter Ítala Nandi asked the author to leave the soap opera. She wanted to devote herself to other work.

In the case of Renascer (1993), Venâncio was killed due to successive disagreements on the part of Taumaturgo Ferreira with the production of the soap opera.

However, it was the exit of Xeréu Trindade (Gabriel Sater) that caused the author the most headaches in the last soap opera. Almir Sater, the guitarist's interpreter in 1990, also agreed to leave the band at that time. In the remake, fans were hoping for this to change as the couple of the Devil and Irma (Camila Morgado) became internet famous. Additionally, since it was the ending, it was believed that it would have no impact on the direction of the soap opera.

Luperi defends himself: “I just want to pay homage to the work, make it coherent today and get the public to get involved. There is a lot about our daily lives, a lot of reflections that we can only do today, but with respect for the story that comes before it.” “It's a saga being told about a character, and all the parallel storylines feed that,” argued he.

Total devotion

In fact, the writer said he had no intention of putting his “authoritarian stamp” on his grandfather’s novel. “Sometimes you have to change some things so that everything stays the same. This is a very delicate task, I say it is the job of a surgeon. You make an incision in the body to change the entire body. The smaller the scar, the smaller the better,” he compared. “This work precedes me. Renascer was a great classic, important for the audience.”

Because of these decisions, the author was able to work with a good number of chapters unlike most novels where authors write based on public reception. He is already in Chapter 104 of the series, which premiered this Monday (22), and has no plans to slow down his pace of production.

“I write a lot, from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. I like to take my time. I am talking to you.” [na Globo]: “Time is the raw material of those who write.” The more time you give me, the faster I won't finish, I'll do my best, I'll stay on the ball and dedicate myself more.” That's what I'm into should apply in this area,” said Luperi.

“I am aware of the deliveries I need to make to ensure the soap opera is filmed within the proposed schedule and investment. There's a lot of math involved, but in the time I have free, as long as I don't sleep.” In front of the computer, I'll write for the best soap opera possible.

Renascer was created by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and the adaptation of the rural saga is by the author's grandson, Bruno Luperi. The remake is expected to air in prime time on Globo by September this year.

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