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Authorities in El Salvador without excluding stronger earthquakes

This Saturday morning, 562 earthquakes were recorded in the Ahuachapán region (west of the capital), which the authorities attribute to the activation of geological faults in the region and which should not be linked to volcanic activity.

The country lies in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, where there are many volcanoes and tremors.

Since January 15, when the two largest shocks occurred, the first at 5:07 p.m. with a magnitude of 5.1, a depth of focus of nine kilometers and an intensity V on the modified Mercalli scale, and the second at 10: 47 o’clock at night, with a magnitude of 5.3, a burn depth of 10 kilometers and an intensity V, the aftershocks are constant.

Given this situation, the occurrence of earthquakes of similar or greater magnitude is not excluded, therefore the maximum alert level (red) is maintained in the region near the border with Guatemala.