Back to the Future the emotional reunion of the original

Back to the Future, the emotional reunion of the original cast, ignites fans’ excitement [FOTO] Best Movies

It’s a big day for fans of Back to the Futurethe legendary franchise born from the mind of Robert Zemeckis that started the unforgettable film trilogy.

More than 37 years after the debut of the first film in 1985, including the original cast Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Leah Thompson And Tom Wilson They met again at the Fan Expo Portland Convention. The hangout was immortalized by Lea Thompson, interpreter of Lorraine in the film trilogy, who shared a number of Recordings and videos in the company of colleagues of course long.

It appears in the videos released by Lorraine’s interpreter all the love and affection that the cast members are still there for each other nearly four decades after they first met. In one of these videos we can see Tom WilsonHer unforgettable Biff Tannen face jokingly addresses Lea Thompson by patting her on the head and asking “Is anyone home?”, citing one of the character’s most memorable scenes.

You can see HERE the photos that Lea Thompson posted on her Instagram profile.

Meeting the crowd that flocked to the convention clearly delighted the fans in attendance, who greeted the stars with a hearty standing ovation. This happens just a few months later moving appearance by Fox and Lloyd on stage at New York Comic-Con last October. To mark the occasion, the two actors recounted the origins of their great friendship, which began on the set of the trilogy made between 1985 and 1990, and revealed a series of anecdotes from the set during the subsequent question-and-answer session with fans on the board.

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