Bad Boys 4 has finished filming release date and what

“Bad Boys 4” has finished filming: release date and what is known about the Will Smith film

Veteran agents Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett work together again to arrest Armando Armas, the violent leader of a Miami-based drug cartel.

Bad Boys 4the fourth part of the successful action-comedy saga Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, has officially completed filming and is preparing to enter the post-production phase. With a release date for June 7, 2024the film promises to bring back the charismatic detectives Mike Lowrey And Marcus Burnett in a new adventure full of bullets and laughter. The announcement of the end of filming was shared by Smith on his social networks, where he posted a photo next to his co-star, with whom he has shared the screen on various occasions since 1995, the year in which the first feature film was released in theater.

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“Done! Nothing but magic every time I'm with my boyfriend. See you on June 7th Bad Boys 4!“says the description of the picture posted by Will, in which the two are seen engaging in a fist-to-fist fight with a Ferris wheel in the background, reminding us that the bad cops will be back in Miami, to solve crimes.

“Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in a new Miami adventure?” (Source: Columbia Pictures)

In the feature film, not only Smith and Lawrence return in their iconic roles as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, but also several well-known characters from previous parts: Jacob Scipio (The Indestructibles) as Armando Aretas, Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) as Kelly, Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) like Thorn, Paola Nunez (Resident Evil) as Rita Secada and DJ Khaled like Manny the Butcher.

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The new additions also include that of Tasha Smithwho will replace Theresa Randle in the role of Theresa Burnett. Additionally, new faces join the cast, including “Better Call Saul” star, Rhea Seehornthe rapper Joyner Lucas and other acting talents like Eric Dane and Ioan Gruffudd, Who will have a specific involvement in the development of the property? Although nothing has been revealed about their characters yet, it is expected that at least Seehorn and Lucas will play essential roles that are important to the development of the plot.

“The Bad Boys saga has grossed more than $800 million since its inception in 1995.” (Source: Columbia Pictures)

The franchise has been since its inception in 1995 Bad Boys has received quite a positive response in the action film and buddy movie genres. The three films made so far have shown that audiences continue to be interested in this type of production: the first cost 23 million dollars and grossed 141.4 million; the second was financed with 130 million and received 273 million; and the third was made with 90 million and ended up grossing more than 427 million. This means that the entire franchise has a total box office value of more than $800 million to date, making it one of the most successful sagas in cinema.

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In fact, it was the third film that opened the doors for the creation of this fourth part. The work under the direction of Billall Fallah And Adil El Arbi It was enough to achieve a box office success, and so they were the directors of the new film. In this way, the feature film, which has also overcome obstacles such as strikes and production delays, is positioned as one of the most anticipated releases of next year and promises to bring back the charisma and unmatched chemistry of Smith and Lawrence in their iconic roles. .

“The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 7th and will continue the successful franchise.” (Source: Columbia Pictures)

Bad Boys 4 will be released in the US on June 7th, according to the announcement Will Smith. There is still no officially confirmed date for arrival in Latin America. You can watch the first three films in the saga here Netflix, Prime Video And Max.