Bad Bunny is among the ten highest paid artists in

Bad Bunny is among the ten highest paid artists in the world

economic magazine forbes revealed his list of this week Top 10 highest paid artists in the worldwho collectively earned more than $1.3 billion last year, and the only Latino to appear in the rankings is Puerto Rican Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known around the world as bad bunny.

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The “Bad Bunny” ranks tenth with revenue of $88 million through 2022. The Puerto Rican rapper can attribute much of his financial success to his major tours Último Tour Del Mundo and The World’s Hottest Tour, of which he toured Peru in November of last year, in addition to sponsorships from Corona, Cheetos and Adidas.

First place, to the surprise of many, went to pioneering progressive rock group Genesis, formed in 1967, with sales of $230 million. Because in September last year they sold the rights to their music catalog in a transaction to the Concord Music Group
which ruled out the work of the group’s former founding member Peter Gabriel.

Also included are solo concert earnings and royalties from Phil Collins and his bandmates Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford.

A similar case is that of the singer Sting, former leader of The Police, who ranks second on the list with an income of 210 million dollars thanks to the fact that he decided to sell all his musical rights, both as a solo artist and with his band to Universal Music Group in February 2022.

Also on the prestigious list are The Rolling Stones, with earnings of $98 million, and singer Taylor Swift, who is the only woman on the list to place ninth at $92 million. According to Forbes, physical record sales, streaming, digital downloads, licensing and dubbing were the superstar’s top revenue streams over the past year.

In December 2022, Swift was included in Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World, ranking number 79. Notable was the success of Midnights and their re-recorded albums Red (Taylor’s Version) and Fearless (Taylor’s Version). along with his political clout and the abundance of ticket sales for his Eras Tour in November.

Swift also topped Billboard’s 2021 annual Money Makers ranking of top-grossing artists from music royalties and box office.

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  • Genesis (rock band) • $230 million
  • Sting (singer) • $210 million
  • Tyler Perry (producer) • $175 million
  • Trey Parker & Matt Stone (creators of South Park and other series) • $160M
  • James L. Brooks & Matt Groening (creators of The Simpsons) • $105 million
  • Brad Pitt (actor and producer) • $100 million
  • Rolling Stones (rock band) • $98 million
  • James Cameron (director and producer) • $95 million
  • Taylor Swift (singer) • $92 million
  • Bad Bunny (singer) • $88 million

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