Bad Bunny denies welcoming Maite Perroni at the RBD awards

Bad Bunny opens a profile on a dating app for millionaires, ready to love again? SPORTS WORLD

Although there were rumors that Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner They reportedly reconciled after spending the New Year together, the incident went viral on social media. profile of the reggaetonero in a Dating app for millionaires.

A video was released via platforms such as TikTok and Instagram in which the screen of a phone is recorded, on which one can see what is supposed to be his profile Bad Bunny on a dating appwhich is very similar to Tinder.

The curious thing is that this app is only intended for people with money, as it requires a hefty subscription to maintain exclusivity.

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Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner and a possible reconciliation

According to information from “The Sun” Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner had a reunion, sending confusing signals about a possible reconciliation. “They are very different people and no one has ever seen their relationship go any distance, but they are having a lot of fun together and have missed each other since the split,” a source said.

“They were in the Caribbean with friends over the New Year and have been going out again since their return,” the source added to the medium in question.

Although the couple hasn't been photographed together since New Year's Day, the source added, “They've been attending events together, having dinner in Brentwood and hanging out in private now that they're back in Los Angeles.”

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Why did Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner break up?

Last December, news broke that the Kardashian dynasty member and the Puerto Rican superstar, 29, had reportedly ended their romance after 10 months together, according to People.

Kendall and Bad Bunny “They've been doing their own thing lately and things have started to fade between them,” a source told Entertainment Tonight about the breakup.

“They both knew it probably wouldn't be a forever relationship and they were clear about that from the start,” the source said.

“They have very busy schedules and know that they are still young and have a lot more to experience individually before they settle down,” he said. And he added: “There is no negativity between them and still.” They want the best for each other“.

The source revealed: “The Kardashian star’s family still holds him in very high esteem. They just want her to be with someone who makes her happy, who treats her with love and respect.”

The family also hopes she finds “someone who understands the attention that comes with dating her and can handle the attention that comes with poise and grace.”