BAFTA 2023 Princess Kate leaves everyone breathless on the red

BAFTA 2023: Princess Kate leaves everyone breathless on the red carpet

But we predicted to the princess that it would be crazy Kate he manages to surpass himself every time. The royals on the red carpet BAFTA 2023 She showed up in a white dress Alexander McQueen look familiar. It’s actually the same one worn at the same ceremony, but in 2019: the same design with a drape on the shoulder instead of flowers.

A clever case of upcycling, also thanks to the accessories succeeded. If on the previous occasion the hairstyle, the family jewels (the Diana earrings and the Bracelet of Elizabeth II) and the floral arrangements made her ethereal, almost intangible, this time showing determination as she confidently flirts with photographers’ lenses, invested in the new role of the Princess of Wales.

Kate at the 2023 BAFTAs left and at the BAFTAs 2019 right: the two versions of the McQueen dress. (Getty photo)

To convey the thrill of the unexpected, the earrings made sure of that: giant flowers bought from Zara for 15.95 euros. However, they are nowhere to be found: the site registers them as sold out. Those black gloves, more of a superhero than an evening dress, demonstrate the bond with her husband William, who is very elegant in his black velvet tuxedo, more than ever. Here he is not only heir to the throne, but also president since February 2010 British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

William and Kate: Zara maxi earrings for 15.95 euros on the rag.

The matchy-matchy has now become a tailoring trick that the couple uses to underscore their partnership. Princess Kate is William’s ace up his sleeve: much more than just a wife, she is an adviser, a trusted ally who knows how to use clothing to benefit the family Team Wales. Coordinated looks pay off: One look is enough to capture the intention.

Still, following in the footsteps of the BAFTA red carpets of the past few years, there are recurring elements in the outfits designed by Kate. In four out of five cases (including those six) she relied on it Alexander McQueen while Kate chose a two times out of five White dress (and now we are three). Here is also added a jewel, irresistible for those who follow the princess’s stylistic exploits: earrings accessible to all. The front pages of newspapers are also conquered with fashion jewellery.