Bahian singer Netinho has canceled a show after showing his

Bahian singer Netinho has canceled a show after showing his support for the Bolsonarist coup plotters

Singer Netinho (aka “Netinho da Bahia”) had canceled a concert after calling for coup d’état and devastation and calling for hunters, shooters and gatherers (CACs) on social media in Brasília on January 8. to help “us, the patriotic people”.

Netinho would perform at the Carnival party at the Iate Clube de Aracaju (SE) on January 28th. Faced with the consequences, the club decided to terminate the contract with the singer and announced that Tatau, former singer of the band Ara Ketu, will be the star of the evening.

“The Aracaju Yacht Club (Icaju) Board of Directors, out of respect for the Sergipe society and the members of the club, makes it public to make it clear that it does not condone or support antidemocratic acts and will never allow actions of this nature within our institution”, published the entity on Instagram.

The singer, who deleted the post that ended with the show’s cancellation, expressed on the social network that he was surprised by the club’s decision. He stated that he had attended other editions of the same event “with no political speeches, no violence or confusion of any kind.”

In an attempt to contradict the previous post, he stated that he “regrets and denies” promoting acts of violence and terrorism, and threatened to sue those who spread what he called “fake news.”

In the same statement, Netinho explained that the show in the capital of Sergipe would be the first he would do in an electric trio after the start of the pandemic and he felt it important to emphasize that he was working with a personal trainer at 10 Gaining back pounds he would have lost during the campaign.

The campaign he is referring to was looking for a job as a federal representative for Bahia. Netinho, selfproclaimed “Bolsonaro’s soldier”, ran for the PL election, the same party as the former president, and like him was without a mandate: he received 31,448 votes.

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Known for his interpretation of “Milla”, a hit in the 1990s, Netinho had to stop singing the song after the author, Manno Góes, spoke about the work’s use in a bolsonaristic act on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo (SP ), in May 2021.

Góes even called Netinho a “mental weakling” at the time for singing the song in an act of coup in which participants shouted “I authorize” to Bolsonaro. The composer apologized for using the offensive term, but maintained his stance against the use of music in farright coup demonstrations.

Editor: Nicolau Soares