Bake Off Italia do you remember Irene Tolomei She was

Bake Off Italia, do you remember Irene Tolomei? She was loved, today she is forced to make a living like this iFood

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Irene Tolomei came second in the second season of Bake Off Italia, but what does she do now? Will she be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a pastry chef? Let's find out!

In 2018 it was one of most popular and valued aspiring pastry chefs of the sixth season of Bake Off Italia, Benedetta Parodi's culinary talent show, which arrived today 11th editionbut what happened now to the talented Irene Tolomei?

Fans of the show will certainly remember her, la young Roman girl and her special story. She was only 21 years old at the time of her participation in the program, but she immediately stood out from the other participants due to her great strength and determination.

Qualities that were useful to her not only in pastry making, but also in overcoming the harsh events of life. In fact, Irene, even younger, had to intervene in a truly tragic situation: simply At the age of 19, he helped his grandparents with his father remained under the rubble after the earthquake that devastated the hamlet of Accumuli.

Unfortunately, however, the passion and determination to face the tests were not enough and the winner of the 2018 edition was another participant, the 16 year old Federico De Flaviis. What did up-and-coming Irene Tolomei do after taking part in Bake Off Italy? Will she have given up or continued on her path?

What happened to Irene Tolomei?

Irene Tolomei's passion for the world of pastry began at the age of 15 on the occasion of Gricia Pasta Festival which takes place in Grisciano, the young aspirant had prepared one small stand selling sweets and from that moment he understood that this would be his path.

Even though she graduated with 110 cum laude in biological sciencesHowever, the young woman did not decide to continue on this path and although she came second in the final of Bake Off Italia, Irene did not give up and continued her training as a pastry chef.

Irene Tolomei Pastry Chef - ifood.itSource @Instagram –

After taking part in Bake Off Italia

After taking part in Bake Off Italia, the young girl actually decided to sign up for one High Pastry School in BresciaFrom then on her career took off; in fact, she immediately managed to gain important professional experience and even achieved it Villa Crespi, the 3 Michelin star restaurant by chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

The experience she gained and the great effort she put into her training made it possible for Irene to become Head pastry chef at “Aroma” a Michelin star restaurant at the luxury hotel Palazzo Manfredi overlooking the Colosseum.

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