Bake Off Italia do you remember Patrizia Ave It was

Bake Off Italia, do you remember Patrizia Ave? It was just one step away from victory, today it is like this iFood

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Patrizia Ave was one of the most popular contestants on the third edition of Bake Off Italia, but what happened to her? She saw victory snatched from under her nose, but would she have given up?

Fans of the show will certainly remember the sweet and kind girl Patricia Aveone of the participants and finalists of the third edition of Bake Off Italia – Desserts in the oventhe cutest culinary talent show ever, hosted by the talented Benedetta Parodi, where amateur pastry chefs compete to decide best aspiring pastry chef.

47 years old at the time of her participation in Bake Off Italia, Patrizia Ave hconvinced the audience and also the juryas well as for his skill and passion in the art of confectionery, also for his authenticity and his story of redemption and a lot of fortitude, but unfortunately that wasn't enough for first place.

Patrizia Ave actually finished in second place and lost her title First place by Gabriele De Benettithe first man to win Bake Off Italia, but has this stopped the aspiring pastry chef or will his passion have gotten the better of defeat?

His story touched everyone, Now let's find out what the aspirant does Pastry chef Patrizia Ave after her participation in the third edition of Bake Off Italia – Desserts in the oven.

What happened to Patrizia Avenue?

As I said, Patrizia Ave at the time of her participation in the program She was 47 years old and a housewife, a path he did not take out of personal choice. Unfortunately, the woman is actually after a lifetime of working as Seamstress with her mother and sister in the family laboratory, which had to close due to the crisis.

Thanks to her passion for pastry, Patrizia Ave did not give up and took revenge on life by coming second in the third edition of Bake Off Italia in 2015 and then participating in it Bake Off All Stars Battle in 2020He managed to win first place in the competition, but what will he do now after this experience?

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The road to Bake Off Italia

After taking part in Bake Off Italia and Bake Off All Stars Battle, Patrizia Ave he never stopped bakingIn fact, she managed to turn her passion into a real career.

Today she is a pastry chef in every sense, She attends and organizes events and is also very active on social media and her blogwhere he shares with his fans and followers many recipes and advice on cooking and the world of pastry making.

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