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Bali, Trinidad, 2024 Predictions, Etc.: Week 4 Review When to Leave

With the latest news from the past week, QUAND PARTIR invites you to travel to all corners of the world with news, practical information, travel feedback, good deals and other things that have caught your eye in the last few days.

For the week of January 22nd to 28th


Most read article: “A new tourist tax in Bali from February”

To preserve its cultural heritage and strengthen its commitment to sustainable tourism, Bali will introduce a new tourist tax from February 14, 2024. This measure, applicable to international visitors, requires a one-off contribution of 150,000 IDR (approximately €10) before arriving on the island.

San Francisco Tanzania etc Week 1 Review When to Leave

Tourists in Paris

What are the tourism forecasts for 2024?

With an estimated number of international arrivals of 1.3 billion travelers and revenue of $1,400 billion, 2023 will be almost at the level we could have been before Covid. So, 2020-2024 or the end of the Covid transition?

San Francisco Tanzania etc Week 1 Review When to Leave

Trinidad and Tobago

It's going to Trinidad and Tobago

What if we took a trip to these little-known countries, these are regions or even countries that we almost never hear about, that welcome few visitors, at least French ones, and that make us wonder what we are doing can? See or do there. Today we're heading to the Caribbean with the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

San Francisco Tanzania etc Week 1 Review When to Leave


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Latest news from around the world…

– Record broken by SNCF with 122 million passengers for the TGV in 2023
– The World Tourism Organization changes its name to UN Tourism
– These are (still) the Pacific airlines that remain the safest in the world
– Visiting Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is now worth it (€25)
– Russian air transport in free fall due to lack of equipment maintenance