1676844269 Banana Ruiz breaks down in tears as he remembers his

‘Banana’ Ruiz breaks down in tears as he remembers his deceased children and is hugged by players from Grau and ADT

Banana Ruiz breaks down in tears as he remembers his

The Atlético Grau goalkeeper made a great save in the last minute of the game, with which he saved the Piurans from defeat. After the game, the footballers of both teams hugged him.

This Sunday February 19 meet Atlético Grau vs. ADT drew 1-1 on day 5 of Liga 1. Although the game had goal situations, the most emotional one was the one where the goalkeeper of the Piura team played the leading role . Ronald “Banana” Ruiz. The goalkeeper burst into tears at the end of the game thinking about his two sons who died in a traffic accident.

In the last play of the game, the Tarma team staged a counterattack that almost ended in the winning goal, but ‘Banana’ Ruíz made a spectacular save and prevented the goal. Seconds later, the end was called and the keeper burst into tears, causing his teammates as well as the rival to come forward and hug him.

After the 1-1 draw, the goalkeeper was interviewed by the League 1 max. He remembered his two children and the tragic moment he had to experience in November last year.

“I just thank God for giving me the strength to stand here in the green, I find it very difficult, they are my children, I adore them very much, I know they are with me in heaven, they will always be there , I miss them a lot, my kids who stayed here with my wife are my strength, my strength to keep going,” he explained.

“You couldn’t win today, but you couldn’t lose either, and the good thing is adding up. I think I should be proud of myself for the strength and power it takes to be here. I have to get better every day, try harder every day, keep going,” he concluded.

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Traffic accident of ‘Banana’ Ruíz

Last Sunday, November 11, 2022, the goalkeeper Ronald Ruiz He was returning to Piura with his family when the car they were traveling in was lost and two of his children died.