1676900783 Barbara de Regil spoke of the alleged hostility with her

Bárbara de Regil spoke of the alleged hostility with her castmate Eva Cedeño

Before the rumours who ran over their supposed enmity with her castmate Eva CedenoBárbara de Regil admitted that she was not in a relationship Friendship with her at the recordings of the telenovela”cape‘ to make it clear that they have personalities differentand although they had not Connection Between the two, he considers her “a great girl”.

During a recent interview for the program “Wake up America‘, the protagonist of ‘capeHe talked about the rumours to his supposed bad relationship with Eva Cedeno.

“I’m not going to be honest with you because I’m not going to be honest on camera because I don’t like airing and I don’t like speaking badly of anyone and you know it. I never like to comment on anyone or speak ill of anyone,” he said. reg.

barbara acknowledged that the a-file did not come about Friendship with cedeno because although they tried sharing with her castmate, she realized it was them incompatible. “I think that sometimes you don’t get along with people because they’re not the same and that’s not a bad thing, you can’t get along and get along with everyone. Maybe you try first and then you see that he’s not your type or that you’re not his type and walk away,” he said. Barbara of Regil.

Barbara de Regil spoke of the alleged hostility with her

Barbara de Regil said she was “very different” from Eva Cedeño.

According to the also enterprising Eva Cedeno is a Good person but they are different. “She’s a great girl, a good girl,” but we’re very different,” he noted barbara.

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Barbara de Regil spoke at length about the alleged rivalry with Eva Cedeño

Barbara of Regil used his social networks to investigate the allegations rivalry that exists between her and Eva Cedeno. “There is no rivalry, we are all different and you don’t have to like everyone or be friends with everyone. We’re not a gold coin and that doesn’t make you a rival, it makes you a person. I love being myself and not pretending they love me.” actress.

1676900777 916 Barbara de Regil spoke of the alleged hostility with her

Barbara de Regil said she was irreconcilable with Eva Cedeño.

“I’m my only rival, I only compete with myself. I don’t badmouth anyone, I don’t like it. But why don’t I badmouth anyone in public? We all have different stories, ideas and wounds. And I don’t have the right to express my opinion and put a judgment in many people’s heads about a person, because this opinion also comes from my experiences and my beliefs,” he said Mexican.

“Well, I don’t know. The gossip is always there. But it depends on who told the story. I’m not a gold coin, I’m always myself. I don’t like looking good with someone who doesn’t vibrate me “, he said. barbara.

Additionally, barbara admitted that it is so difficult in relation to all The Actor from the same pour. “And it’s also important to stress that we’re not all in agreement. Not all of them exercise, not all take acting seriously, not all use drugs – I don’t use them – but they are role models. So you end up hanging out with someone you have things in common with. And if the others speak badly, by no means,” she concluded actress.