Barbara Evans announces the birth of twins and publishes the

Bárbara Evans announces the birth of twins and publishes the first photo of the babies

This Monday, November 27th, Barbara Evans surprised his followers when he announced the birth of his twin sons Álvaro and Antônio, the result of his relationship with Gustavo Theodoro.

Babies should stay in the “oven” for at least three more weeks. The celebrity already showed a photo of the little ones who were born via cesarean section.

“My boys have arrived. November 27, 2023. 34 weeks and three days. Álvaro: 2,356 g, 45 cm, 14:08. Antônio: 2,090g, 44cm, 14:10,” wrote the mother owl.

In Stories, the blonde even showed a photo of the babies’ placenta stamp. Bárbara and Gustavo are also parents to oneyearold Ayla.

Tense night

During her pregnancy, Bárbara Evans made it a point to share her routine with her more than two million followers. However, she recently reported that she had a difficult morning marked by insomnia and malaise.

“Good morning! We are here, I woke up but I’m not feeling very well. The whole night was tense. I’m going to take a shower and talk to you. “Days of struggle and days of glory,” the influencer began.

Despite the difficulties, she said the babies are doing great. “Tonight was very difficult but they are doing great, it’s just mommy’s pain. Reflux all night… Those things. “A lot of reflux, I had to get up to sit in bed and not throw up every half hour, but something like pregnancy,” explained the model, who is already mother to oneyearold Ayla.


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