Bath in beer Live a unique experience in this spa

Bath in beer: Live a unique experience in this spa NanoPress Travel

Would you like to bathe in beer? There is a unique place where you can do this in an exceptional context. Read on to find out where.

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This beer spa features two hot tubs and a tap for unlimited beer. Do you want to know where?

The Beer Spa

Have you ever dreamed of bathing in beer? At the spa we suggest that this is possible. Upon entering, you will find two hot tubs and a tap for unlimited beer. In the tub you can add some ingredients such as malt, hops and relaxing salt, which you can add directly to the tub by scooping them out of a container with a wooden spoon.

Additionally, some studies have shown that beer contains some remarkable beneficial properties when applied to the skin. Beer is rich in polyphenols in similar amounts to green tea. The antioxidant effect is therefore very high. For this reason, a bath in beer can be a regenerating experience for the body and mind. Yes, because in addition to diving, in this place you can also enjoy excellent beer, which is drawn independently from the taps near the tanks.

Are you ready to find out where? It is a foreign city also known for its thermal baths.

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Where is it

When you're in Budapest, the experience of soaking in a beer-filled hot tub as a couple or with friends can be a new way to experience the city's already famous thermal baths. Each spa is located in an exceptional location or in its own part of the historic spa Széchenyi thermal bath In Budapest. To experience this experience, you will need to spend 50 euros per person for a 45-minute session.

Of course, in addition to bathing in beer, it will also be possible drink as much as you want. Once the beer spa is ready, you can stay in the spa until it closes. This is certainly an alternative and exciting experience to living in the Hungarian capital. To have such an experience, you need to book something in advance.

When reading online reviews, users were very impressed with the cleanliness and hospitality of the staff. Finally, the Széchenyi spa is known for its hospitality, but above all for its historical architecture. Even in winter you can swim outside in the water, which is always at a pleasant temperature. Seeing is believing.