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BBB 23: Accused of alleged aggression, Larissa comments after Tadeu’s live message: “I don’t like that”


Last Sunday (19), Tadeu left a warning for the brothers about the controversial “After dos Crias”.

Photos: Playback/BBB/GshowPhotos: Playback/BBB/Gshow

Thaddeus SchmidtShe used the live stream last Sunday (19) to leave another message BBB 23. The moderator warned of the “after dos crias”, which led to controversy and discussions on the Internet. Larissa was accused of assault after hitting Fred, who never complained. Despite this, the production decided to intervene.

“Everything is at the limit, but almost at the limit. Let’s watch out for those handballs,” Tadeu explained. Shortly thereafter, Larissa commented on the moderator’s message and said: “If you throw it at me (foam or cream), I get really upset because I don’t like it! Tadeu spoke very sweetly, I thought it was funny.”

> Photo: Playback/BBB/Gshow

Guimê and Nicácio are dissolved after the vote

After Domitila’s victory in the BateVolta, Guimê and Fred had a long chat about the game: “Since that time you have had this parade of discord, which was uncomfortable and so … I continued to be a target,” began the singer. “Target one whole group? Did I change your goal to individual? I don’t understand that,” the doctor replied.

“My voice is a voice. There were nine votes. The people followed the agreement. The deal wasn’t me who spoke, I wasn’t the one who banged the hammer. It’s the group that combined it. Just as your group has agreed to vote for me on several occasions and has done so. There’s a cloud preventing you from seeing some things,” added Fred, who received a total of 4 votes.