BBB 23 After Cara de Sapatos alleged interest in Vitoria

BBB 23: After Cara de Sapato’s alleged interest in Vitória Strada, Bruna Griphao gives a ‘sincere’ response and…


Vitória Strada and Marcella Rica have been together for years and are engaged

Photos: Reproduction/GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Globo

Before the Samsung party at BBB 23, which began last Saturday evening (18), Vitória Strada sent a message to those confined. The actress appeared on the screen in the room and caught the attention of Bruna Griphao and shoe face. Marcella Rica’s wife even invited the participants of the Big brother Brazil to enjoy the event.

“I want to see everyone using their phones to record all the extraordinary moments of that night, okay? So let’s enjoy this wonderful night,” explained the eternal Kyra from Salvese Quem Puder. Incidentally, Bruna took the opportunity to talk about her friendship with Vitória.

> Photo: Reproduction/Globo

The blonde sitting next to Sapato said she was close to the gaucho. “She’s a friend of mine,” the sister commented. The fighter then said something unintelligible, which netizens interpreted as: “But did you get it yet?”. Then Gabriel Fop’s exaffair reversed the detention colleagues. “She [Vitória] she’s married,” she snapped.

The Camarote actor’s alleged interest in Strada was discussed on Twitter. “It seems that Sapato has taken an interest in Vitória Strada,” wrote the Dantinhas profile. “The shoe liked the friend da Bruna,” joked one netizen. “Sapato was already ‘quite happy’ with Vitória Strada’s video and Bruna already posted ‘she’s married,'” noted another. However, several people defended the athlete.” He asked if Bruna had already caught her! He wasn’t interested,” stressed a user of the social network. “In fact, I saw him ask if Bruna stayed with her yet, then she replied that Vitória is married,” mused another.