BBB 23 After the brothers outburst MC Guime analyzes the

BBB 23: After the brother’s outburst, MC Guimê analyzes the opponent’s game and emphasizes that he doesn’t want to be close: “P…

BBB 23

At BBB 23, MC Guimê made it clear that he will stay away from his brother for strategic reasons

MC Guimê detonated Cezar Black's game© Playback/TV GloboMC Guimê detonated Cezar Black’s game

Cezar Schwarz managed to argue with half the house BBB 23 and Pipoca has been separated from the other members for a few days now. During a conversation outside this Thursday (16), MC Guimê, Bruna Gripping and Shoeface paused for a few minutes to talk about the nurse’s game.

Lexa’s husband has made it clear that he disagrees with Cezar’s strategy. The musician reflected that he was the last to understand his speech game of discord, but showed no empathy for the participant. At the end, Guime stressed that his departure from his brother was a purely strategic matter.

> Cezar Black is a member of the group Pipoca (Reproduction/TV Globo)

“It was way beyond the point. I saw him crying and stuff. I understand what the guy must be feeling, but for me it was completely over the point. Border. And other people, even inside the house, were laughing… And there were people who thought that was normal,” Camarote said.

Bruna showed one opposite possibility that of the funk artist and repeated that everyone in the house has a different perspective on what is happening, which is why he sees no reason to treat the nurse in this way. “I think people here and abroad have several different readings,” he explained.

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