BBB 23 After the web points to alleged intolerance on

BBB 23: After the web points to alleged intolerance on the part of Cristian, Gustavo and Key Alves, Fred Nicácio’s team…


Outside, the trio spoke about an alleged attitude from Doctor Fred

Photos: Reproduction/GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Globo

Another controversy BBB 23! This Monday (20), Cristian, Gustavo and key alves spoke about an alleged hiring of Fred Nicocio. In a conversation outside Big Brother Brasil’s house, the walledin man said he saw the doctor standing in front of Guskey’s bed.

“I woke up and he was standing in front of your bed,” the gaucho began. “Neither fuck* nor fuck*! You can stop that shit*,” the volleyball player replied. “Marvvila woke up, Domitila woke up too,” the Pipoca team member continued.

> Photo: Reproduction/Twitter Fred Nicácio

Then the farmer asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up?” The athlete then wanted to know more. “I told you I’m not crazy. What did he (Fred) do?” she asked. “I don’t know, I’m scared shitless,” said the “owner of the enviable topknot.”

Key even threatened to hit the quit button. “I’ll press the button. I saw it, I saw it. I told him (Gustavo): ‘He’s here’. And he (Gustavo) said: ‘He’s not here’,” she shot Sister. “Do you know what I saw? Here’s what I saw: when Bruna went to the bathroom, he stopped doing these things on his bed. I said ‘caralh*’ and when I looked again Gustavo was praying,” said the blonde.

“I’m praying for that because I saw that,” the cowboy explained. “Then I started to feel bad, then I also started to pray, at dawn I woke up, I don’t know if he left or not,” added Cristian.

Fred’s team demonstrates

According to alleged netizens pointed out religious intolerance of the trio, Fred’s team shared the video in question, commenting on Twitter: “‘He was stopped from doing business’, once again Fred’s religion was seen as a bad thing among the participants. Religious intolerance is clear, until when?”.