BBB 23: Cezar Black talks to Cristian about Paredão: “I can tell you” Splash

Cezar Black is the week’s leader on BBB 23 (Globo) after winning the resistance test.

game tactics. After disagreements with Ricardo, Alface, Black has already stated that he would nominate him for this week’s Paredão.

That’s because, on top of fighting in the past, Ricardo gave Cezar the Monster this week, prompting him to leave VIP and join Xepa less than 24 hours after winning the lead.

options. At the last party (19), Black revealed something unprecedented in conversation with Cristian.

Cezar said he would refer Cristian to Paredão if Angel of the Week was autoimmune.

Cristian then confirmed that black will be his target if that happens and he returns from Paredão:


POLL UOL BBB 23: Do you think Cezar deserved the monster’s punishment?