BBB 23 Gabriel Tavares admits Anitta didnt pay him much

BBB 23: Gabriel Tavares admits Anitta didn’t pay him much attention and expresses regrets to his lockedup colleagues: …

BBB 23

Gabriel Tavares, from BBB 23, had a brief fling with Anitta outside the house

Anitta appeared at BBB 23 in the early hours of this Wednesday (18)© Playback/TV GloboAnitta appeared at BBB 23 in the early hours of this Wednesday (18)

Gabriel Tavares already registered BBB 23 known to have had a brief affair with singer Anitta. For this reason, there were many expectations of the singer’s show last Wednesday evening (19). In frames captured by the reality cameras, it could be verified that the young man loved the performance of the song.

Also with a few looks at the voice of To involveGabriel spoke to his fellow detainees and admitted there were none interaction the international diva with the model. Tavares said the boy’s presence went unnoticed by the muse, who made no effort to return the gaze.

“It went smoothly. She looked at everyone,” Gabriel said. The young man also explained that every interaction of anita would have many consequences. “If she looks [Cara de] Sapato and winks, he would catch one and another he would be a favorite here,” he explained.

It is worth mentioning that the anita has already commented on the brief relationship he had with the model. The singer reiterated that the person who has the most contact is Bruna Griphao. “The person I’m most comfortable with in the house is Bruna Griphaobut I also know Fred, Guimê… I knew Gabriel much, much less than you think I know,” he said.

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