BBB 23 Karol Conka is questioned about musical partnership with

BBB 23: Karol Conká is questioned about musical partnership with Domitila Barros, raising concerns from fans…

BBB 23

The eliminated BBB 23, Domitila Barros and singer Karol Conká interacted on social networks

Karol Conká and Domitila interacted on social networks© Playback/Instagram/@domitila_barros @karolconkaKarol Conká and Domitila interacted on social networks

Domitila Barros will be eliminated last BBB 23 and the sister has already reaped good results with her departure. A miss Germany couldn’t keep up with the fans of Amanda and Larissa and had to leave the best guarded house in Brazil.

But that doesn’t mean Camarote is viewed with bad eyes. The former prisoner received the support of numerous celebrities. Among them no less than no less than Karol Conka. The singer interacted with the official Spotify music streaming profile and spoke about Domi.

> Domitila Barros owns the hit Girls With Those Curls (reproduction/Instagram/@domitila_barros)

The company’s Twitter page asked, “Mamacita, is the feat coming with Domi?” “Haha would be everything!” Replied the exBBB 21. Domitila later shared the interaction between the two. This should be remembered over time dikethe last survivor of the fourth desert, was hailed by some notorious people such as JuliaFor example.

“About BBB Whoever influences us in a positive way deserves to win. Whether for the story, the plot, the lessons, the courage, the representativeness? I really like everyone who’s still around, but I’ll be sad if they Domitila Barros left,” said the cactus queen before Miss Germany left.

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