1676809455 BBB 23 Larissa irritated by Fred Desimpedidos joke shoves Marvvila

BBB 23: Larissa, irritated by Fred Desimpedido’s joke, shoves Marvvila and is scolded by the production;…


Sister was upset after a joke at the after party this morning (19)

Image: Playback/GloboImage: Playback/Globo

O After the party at this morning BBB 23 something to talk about! During “After Dos Crias” some brothers made a mess of the room and ended up taking production warning of the program for the dirt in the rooms. However, a scene between the brothers sparked controversy online.

turns out Larissa got annoyed by the jokes again and got upset, yelled along free fred as he splashed moisturizer on her face. Irritated, she finally hit the journalist and even pushed him Marvvilla. Larissa even got “attention” from the production, but many Internet users are demanding that her sister be thrown out.

> Image: Playback/Globo

The pictures do not show exactly whether Fred was hit or was able to dodge. Shortly thereafter, Marvvila approached Larissa, who gave a little push to get rid of the singer. “If you want After Dos Crias, remember not to activate Satan mode,” the artist joked. “Out,” snapped the gym teacher.

Minutes later, the tone of attention rang out in the room, with someone urging colleagues to stop the fight. “Larissa, attention,” warned the production. “Am I paying attention? Fred pours cream on me and I [que levo] Attention? Go on, put it in the K*,” she shot. Then Marvvila tried to reassure her sister: “You enjoy it as much as we do, stop being boring. It’s a body moisturizer,” the singer said. “Look over there. I’m the only one watching. Fred, that son of a bitch, don’t take that,” Larissa fired, irritated.

On the Internet, the scenes resonated and soon the hashtag #LarissaExpulsa was among the most commented on on Twitter: “Yes, people need to be kicked out, Hariany was also kicked out for a ‘joke’,” wrote one user. “A lot of people say she didn’t do it right, but she had intentions … And it’s not the first time. These reactions from Larissa are dangerous,” opined another. “Guys, I understand it wasn’t out of spite, but Larissa will end up getting kicked out because she always behaves like that,” said another.