BBB 23 Poll Partial by Ana Maria Braga reveals good

BBB 23 Poll: Partial by Ana Maria Braga reveals ‘good’ fight between Larissa and Ricardo Alface, indicating that…


The penultimate wall of the season is disputed between Larissa and Ricardo Alface

Photos: Reproduction/GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Globo

BBB 23 survey: Who leaves the wall between Larissa and Ricardo Alface? This Thursday evening (20), Tadeu Schmidt reveals the penultimate eliminated from this edition of Brazil’s most popular reality show. Loud part Ana Maria Bragathe fight to stay indoors has to be “intense.”

Following the presenter’s announcement, the top 4 will participate in a dynamic to determine the first finalist of the current season of the program. And according to information released exclusively by Reality’s Vip page on Twitter, the final BBB 23 test will be resistance.

> Photos: Reproduction/Globo

How was the formation of the penultimate wall

Bruna Griphao, last leader of the edition, indicated the biomedicine. “There aren’t many secrets, today I’m going to point out Facinho. He doesn’t play with us even though he’s someone I have a lot of affection for, although he has things I don’t agree with but today I only have these options and that’s it.” ‘ the actress explained. The physical education teacher, in turn, was the most elected in the house.

Partial indicates Larissa’s elimination

According to a study promoted by “Namaria” on its official website, the personal trainer is the most cited to leave confinement. In the preview in question, the woman from Santa Catarina appears with 53.42% rejection versus 46.58% rejection lettuce. It is worth remembering that official voting takes place only through Gshow.

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