BBB 23: Who is the participant with the fewest followers on Instagram? syringes

With BBB 23 (Globo) full of emotion, both Pipocas and Camarotes have gained even more fame.

But who is the reality show contestant with the fewest followers on social media?

  • It’s important to remember that Bruno, known as Gaga, retired this afternoon (17) from participating in Big Brother Brasil 23;
  • A few minutes later, Big Boss Bruno called to the confessional and he said goodbye to the brothers. The former contestant apologized for his trajectory indoors;
  • With this postelimination “boom”, the contestant is no longer the least followed on Instagram;
  • Well, who occupies that position is Ricardo, Salat;
  • Soon after, Bruno Gaga and Sarah Aline appear; They all have popcorn in the game.

Bruno Gaga career

Bruno Nogueira is 32 years old, is a pharmacist and was born in São José da Laje (AL), a town on the border with Pernambuco.

The former BBB 23 contestant lives with his parents and said before he was incarcerated he had a dream to make a difference in his family’s life and that “he wasn’t born to be a peaceful inland citizen, he was born to be.” shine”.

According to Gshow, Bruno gave his mother the nickname “Anitta”. He claims to have lost 6kg before entering the reality show to “look good”.

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