BBB 24 changes the Discord game and disappoints the Internet

BBB 24 changes the Discord game and disappoints the Internet with Sincerão: “Mico TV

One of the new features of BBB 24 was not rated well by Internet users this Monday (15). Several Internet users complained about the change in format of Jogo da Discordia, which was transformed into Sincerão as part of Globo's strategy to reduce shacks and earn more. “It is the biggest problem of this edition, I hope it fails,” wrote Isa Silva on X (formerly Twitter).

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Tadeu Schmidt surprised the participants by announcing that only some of them would take part in the new activity. “Now we focus on the protagonists of this moment, but the rest of the house can watch. After that, you have the right to have a replica in the house in the early hours of the morning,” he explained.

Beatriz Reis, Lucas Pizane and Davi Britto competing in the third wall of the season joined leader Lucas Henrique in Sincerão.

Complaints increased on social media. “Sincerely? Sweet.” [diretor da Globo]“We want the Discord Game back,” Gabs asked.
“What’s the point of honesty, people? We wanted to be a Game of Discord,” Mat added.

“Honestly? I want a finger in the face and a mess with the Discord game,” Álvaro added. “I hated this Sincerão, Game of Discord, much better when everyone was screaming,” Gi continued.

Why did Jogo da Discordia become Sincerão?

Globo decided to end the Discord game, the dynamic that spawned the weekly dose of BBB shacks. In the 2024 edition, the activity will be replaced by Sincerão, a new activity aimed at reducing violence during clashes. However, the change was aimed not only at preserving the harmony of the house, but also at ensuring that the station received more revenue from the program.

After the wall is formed on Sunday, participants have 24 hours to process the voting results. Monday is the day to throw wasps at your rivals.

Tempers often become so heated that the Game of Discord becomes a battlefield. This was the case with Ricardo Alface's ugly fight with Fred Bruno on BBB 23 and the episode where Maria hit Natália Deodato in the head with a bucket and was eventually expelled from BBB 22.

According to sources, the TV newsScenes like this anger sponsors and prevent the dynamic from becoming another source of profit.

BBB has the highest turnover on Globo precisely because it takes advantage of every opportunity to sell space to brands. Last year, sales exceeded R$1 billion. The broadcaster was contacted but declined to comment on the reason for the image change.