BBB 24 Davi complains about Yasmin39s dirty dishes He came

BBB 24: Davi complains about Yasmin's dirty dishes: “He came here to vacation”

“My argument with her will be about attitude, not language, no. If I win the angel, [dou] Monster. If I win leader, [coloco no] Wall. Now it’s all about the attitude,” said Davi.

Do you think you came here to vacation? Never mind. She doesn't wash it…she eats the brown sugar and leaves it on the table for who can take it? Do you constantly pick up dirty pans and leave them in the sink or on the stove for someone to wash? Do you think there is a maid here? Did you come here to vacation? She will see it? David

Davi said that he still thinks his sister is useless and that he is not afraid to use that wordand that the model “only knows how to apply makeup and put on her clothes to walk up and down.”

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