BBB 24 Disappointed Isabelle complains about Davis proudly stabbed in

BBB 24: Disappointed Isabelle complains about Davis “proudly stabbed in the back TV

Isabelle Nogueira returned this Saturday evening (27) on BBB 24 to feud with Davi Brito. Disappointed, the young woman said she felt betrayed when she found out the app driver had promised the angel necklace to Alane Lopes. However, Fernanda Bande prevailed and won the race.

Marcus Vinícius was responsible for telling CunhãPoranga do Boi Garantido that he was not a priority for the main ally in the Globo reality show. “I found it very strange that you promised the angel to someone else when she was the target,” he said.

Davi even tried to explain himself, but the flight attendant didn't believe his reasons. “I understand, but I think you were very hasty just because Isabelle hugged you [no Bin Laden]”, he added.

“But you weren’t in my situation. At that moment I thought to myself. I said, Wow, Isabelle is there talking to him.” [Bin], rotate. “I have to think about myself,” repeated the Bahian.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you played your game. Not that anyone has to agree,” replied Marcus Vinícius. “I made a suggestion. “Alane didn’t accept it, great, and then I talked to you on the stairs,” David added towards Isabelle.

The Amazon woman complained that she was never informed about the strategy:

And would I stay at Anjo? Everyone has realized that you are my priority here and I am not yours. For one test you invited Matteus, for another you wanted to do it with Anny. Since they see us very close to each other, they believe that any test would be enough for me. I can't think of anyone else to give to this angel other than you.

“My daughter, I thought that too at first. But after I saw you talking to him [Bin Laden] As I sat on the sofa and hugged him, I thought: “They are releasing their tension.” I was thinking about the game, I didn't betray you. “I didn’t stab him in the back,” Davi concluded.