BBB 24 Eliminated Maycon cries as he explains lines

“BBB 24 : Eliminated, Maycon cries as he explains lines about Yasmin Brunet’s clothing

Maycon had the worst of it and was the first to be eliminated from “BBB 24” when he competed on the wall Yasmin Brunet It is Giovanna Lima. After leaving the house, the chef joined the BBB chat Thais Fersoza It is Ed Gama. During the attraction, they saw the exbrother's best moments in the house and his controversial speeches while in custody.

Maycon, eliminated from “BBB 24”.

Maycon, eliminated from “BBB 24”.

Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay / Mais Novela

The trio watched the videos in which Maycon expressed his opinion on the transparent clothing Yasmin Brunet And in that moment, Thais used the space to defend women's right to wear what they believe is best. “Yes, she is a tall woman. She is wonderful and she can wear whatever she wants. She has the right to wear whatever she wants. Instead of speaking, which you allow me to do, this idea that a woman dresses to tease the man is, “To get the man's attention, it is so old. She dresses for herself, she has to dress the way she wants to feel good about who she is, her personality,” he said.

And he added: “She doesn’t have to worry about what she wears because it will affect you in some way. That is respect. It has to be like that for everyone. It's not you, it's not me, Ed, who's going to dictate what someone else is going to use. It’s respect.”

Upon hearing the host's warning, Maycon tried to explain his lines: “I didn't say, 'You won't wear it, you can't.' I'm a guy who wears a skirt. Society judges me for wearing a skirt… I haven't said anything at this point. I said, “I am a married man. She was wearing a seethrough dress.”

Fear and crying!

He then confessed that he was afraid of making a mistake or that Internet users would take a random excerpt that could be interpreted in different ways. “I was afraid that they would take that attitude and put it on the internet and make fun of my point of view. In fact, that was the conversation. I'm afraid of getting too close and being misunderstood. That’s exactly what happened.”

When I heard the speech of the eliminated one, Ed Gama He asked, “Was it fear of your wife’s jealousy?” Crying, the exBBB explained, “It was that exact place. I didn't want to touch him. My wife said, 'Yasmin Brunet will be there'… I was afraid the internet would get the wrong perspective and “Throw me in the face of an 'abusive', 'disrespectful' guy and I'm nothing of that guy.”