BBB 24 Fernanda sees the evil in Davi and

“BBB 24 : Fernanda sees the evil in Davi and splits the net: “Slow Snake

Fernanda showed his honest side on “BBB 24” and revealed himself Pitel everything you think about David. In the early hours of this Sunday, March 3, the sister was in the gym with her ally and began analyzing Davis' game, revealing her true opinion of him.

Fernanda on “BBB 24”

Fernanda on “BBB 24”

Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay / Mais Novela

“I have very strange and conflicting feelings about Davi. I feel an innocence, a boy who maybe didn't have so many options in some things. “I sense an anger in him, an anger that he sometimes lets out in some way,” he said.

Even more in conversation with Pitel, Fernanda emphasized: “But not because he was champion, but because he was perhaps always last in many things. And being here says a lot to everyone.”

However, the sister's speech divided netizens' opinions, with some criticizing her opinion and others agreeing with it. “Snake scary,” said one. “Bitter, sour, sour! Another guy working overtime on the program,” another commented. “I agree with Fernanda, if you can’t see, you’re blind. I only heard truths,” the follower agreed.

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