39BBB 2439 gave Rodriguinho the WORST birthday of his life

'BBB 24' gave Rodriguinho the WORST birthday of his life and here are 5 proofs of it

Rodriguinho suffers on his birthday at “BBB 24”.

Rodriguinho suffers on his birthday at “BBB 24”.

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Rodriguinho celebrates his birthday this Tuesday (27). The singer turns 46 and celebrates this day in the “BBB 24” house. However, the celebration doesn't go quite as he had hoped. The day began with a forbidden cake in the house, saw the singer's crying crisis and, on top of that, could end with his elimination from the reality show. See 5 proofs that Rodriguinho is having the worst birthday of his life on BBB 24!

1) David's Forbidden Cake

As soon as he woke up on his birthday, Rodriguinho was greeted with the news that Davi, his biggest rival in the house, had baked him a cake. However, the birthday girl couldn't eat it because he is at Xepa and the cake was baked at VIP. Rodriguinho hated his brother's attitude and began the day cursing his enemy. “Davi came to tell me how to sing Happy Birthday… I'm not in the mood for that. Something like that doesn't work. He said to me, “I did it if you want.” Get the crowd together after the Xray. …' I don't want anything, boy. 'I want to get back together'… like I had a choice,” he said. “If you like a person, you do it [o bolo] and you go [chamar para cantar ‘Parabéns’], it's not… What am I? Old asshole? “I’m not an old idiot,” he said.

2) David's complaints

Rodriguinho's anger against Davi has been going on for a long time, but this Monday (27) Sincerão's anger increased. The driver called the singer “weak” in the game, which made Rodriguinho feel sorry for himself on his birthday. “I would never do that…

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