BBB 24: Giovanna from Minas Gerais suffers an accident on the reality show and breaks her foot; Video Itatiaia

The nutritionist Giovanna suffered an accident this Thursday (11) and broke a foot bone BBB24. The Minas Gerais native cried a lot, fearing that the injury would affect her for the rest of the game. The accident occurred during the first reality party.

When asked about the area of ​​the injury, she explained, “The fifth metatarsal, which is this bone in the foot.”

The injury required the sister to wear an orthopedic boot for five weeks. “Do you understand my desperation?” commented the girl from Minas Gerais.

Later, she spoke to Thalyta and Raqueli in the magic room. “I’m really unlucky here,” Pipoca said.

Confidently, Thalyta declares that everything will change tonight and points to Paredão's result. “My story will change today,” adds the Minas Gerais native, who is in the spotlight alongside Yasmin Brunet and Maycon.

Internet users react

On X, formerly Twitter, many Internet users expressed solidarity with the sister and others said she needed to “bless herself.”

Patrícia Marques is a journalist and specialist in advertising and marketing. He has previously reported on reality shows at “NaTelinha” and at the news agency of the Associação Mineira de Rádio e Televisão (Amirt). He is currently heading the entertainment department at Itatiaia.