BBB 24 Isabelle and Davi are the new participants of

BBB 24: Isabelle and Davi are the new participants of the reality show; View full voting results

The most viewed house in Brazil already has new residents. The public voted and decided: Isabelle and Davi are now participants of BBB 24. They fought for the position with 11 other candidates in an open vote on Fantástico last Sunday (7) and won the public's preference.

Moderator Tadeu Schmidt announced the result this Monday (8) at the premiere of the reality show. Among the male candidates, David was the winner. He won the dispute, receiving 60.94% of the average vote. In the women's vote, Isabelle was at the top with an average of 60.22%.

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Average: 60.22%
Individual vote: 42.57%
Fan vote: 77.87%

Total votes for women: 2,511,102

Average: 60.94%
Individual vote: 65.46%
Fan vote: 56.43%

Total votes for men: 901,171

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Average: 4.93%
Fan vote: 3.08%
Individual vote: 6.78%

Average: 8.19%
Fan vote: 5.03%
Individual vote: 11.35%

Average: 5.58%
Fan Vote: 2.99%
Individual vote: 8.17%

Average: 14.74%
Fan vote: 7.97%
Individual vote: 21.51%

Average: 6.34%
Fan vote: 3.06%
Individual vote: 9.62%

1 of 1 Davi and Isabelle — Photo: Globo Davi and Isabelle — Photo: Globo