BBB 24 Isabelle disapproves of David39s joke quotI don39t really

BBB 24: Isabelle disapproves of David's joke: "I don't really like it" CARAS Brazil

Isabelle didn't like a joke from David on the night of this Wednesday the 14th, on Big Brother Brasil 24.

In the Magic Room are the app driver and Raquel They were talking about an old vote when the brother joked: “I know you never voted, but Isabelle did,” he said, laughing. “Isabelle, I know you’re voting for me. “Never pretend,” he added.

“Look, I'm telling you…there are certain jokes that I really don't like. I’m serious,” Cunhã said. “Okay, I want to talk to you too. There are certain things you do that I don’t like either,” Davi said.

Isabelle then points out that Ráculo might be taking it seriously: “But I don’t joke with someone like that. I choose, I think Ráculo might think it's serious. I never voted for you.”

“Did you think it was serious, Raquel?” asked the brother. “How you talk sometimes,” the dancer added. “I didn't think so, but if she doesn't like it, we have to respect it, Davi,” said the pastry chef.