BBB 24 Isabelle39s old video shocks fans Completely different CARAS

BBB 24: Isabelle's old video shocks fans: “Completely different! CARAS Brazil

What a difference! BBB 24's Isabelle Nogueira's appearance in an old video shocks Internet users: “Wow, it really touched my face”

Restricted in BBB 24, on Globo, the sister Isabelle Nogueira There's been a lot of buzz on social media over an old video that went viral this week. Fans rescued a video she recorded in 2014 competing in Big Brother Brasil. However, what caught our attention was the change in her appearance.

Within ten years, Isabelle changed her face and fans were shocked when they compared it to her current appearance. Internet users reacted in the comments to the video.

“Very different. I know ten years is a long time, but damn! I dare say it's not her,” said one netizen. “Wow, it really touched my face,” said another. “Oh My God, someone else. I swore I was naturally beautiful,” another said. “It took me a while to realize it was her,” another wrote.

Isabelle fought with Bin at BBB 24

Tense atmosphere between the brothers! In the early hours of this Monday the 29th, on Globo's BBB 24, shortly after the formation of another wall, MC Bin Laden It is Isabellewho was directly nominated by him for the spotlight, began a long discussion in front of the most watched house in the country.

It all started when the singer walked up to his sister, who he was talking to Michel, Giovanna It is Rodriguinho. On this occasion, he threw an “indirect” at the dancer, who did not remain silent and insisted on responding to the leader's provocation.

“I saw who voted for Lucas there. Falsehood radiates more than anything else,” bin Laden said. “What are you talking about? Do you want to talk with me? I told him I voted for him,” Isabelle replied. “Am I talking to you? “You’re really wrong,” the funk singer replied.

The nurse then continued, “You are wrong. I talked to him. What do you have to do with my votes? I've spoken to him before, what's the problem? “I don’t have to vote?” she replied. “You’re a fake,” the brother explained. “Am I by any chance the friend who lied to you? Why are you spitting, come to me and talk,” said Isabelle.