BBB 24 Jojo taunts Vanessa Lopes and sends a

“BBB 24 : Jojo taunts Vanessa Lopes and sends a sharp message to Boninho

Tiktoker withdrawal Vanessa Lopes On the afternoon of last Friday the 19th, there is still something to talk about on “BBB 24”. This is because while chatting on Mesa Cast Jojo Todynho revealed a lot about the influencer.

Jojo and Vanessa Lopes  Photo/Reproduction

Jojo and Vanessa Lopes Photo/Reproduction

Photo: Marcia Piovesan

The A Fazenda 12 champion also delivered a strong message to the general manager of the attraction. “But I think that next year Boninho could do (the program) only with Pipoca.” Because they are people who really need it, she reflected.

The singer also explained that real life can be difficult for those who are in a certain “bubble.” “It hurts to leave Alice’s world,” he said. “For those who haven't been through what we've been through, for those who live in a condo, it's harder to live and survive in a place with different types of people and different personality types.”… Outside your bubble, outside your niche,” he said.

Finally, she wished her exsister to take care of her mental health. “I wish you, Vanessa, sanity, responsibility towards yourself, that your family has the wisdom to welcome you.”