BBB 24 Lucas Henrique flirts with Pitel again You screwed

BBB 24: Lucas Henrique flirts with Pitel again: “You screwed me up

BBB 24: Lucas Henrique flirts with Pitel again: “You screwed me up” Jornal de Brasília Home BBB 24: Lucas Henrique flirts with Pitel again: “You screwed me up” Kátia Flávia

The two chatted in the pool and joked that they were no good

Lucas Henrique upsets the structure of the program by attacking Pitel on the Globo reality show. Can you believe that? During a conversation at the pool, the brother even says that the woman from Alagoas ripped him off.

“You didn't donate anything to the market, you're already in profit.” “Did you tell me I didn't give anything?” he asked. “You were the one who spoke, loose tongue,” the nurse recalled.

“C*, I talk too much. “It’s true, I told you that when I was already thinking about next week,” Buddha recalled. “You talk so much you don’t even remember things,” she joked. “It's just that the things I tell you confuse me. Can I speak to you? You confused me. You screwed me up in the game.” Pitel asks: “Stop, stop!”

“Shit, you suck,” Lucas shot back. “I didn't do it, no, if there's one thing I didn't do it was nothing in it…” he said with a laugh. “So I’m the one with the nerve? That’s why we get along well because you’re just as tough as me,” he joked.

Article published on March 4, 2024 08:45

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March 4, 2024 08:45

Katia Flavia

Kátia Flávia is an aspiring journalist from the lower part of Gávea Carioca, a provocative blonde who lives behind celebrities and less others! She lives on the air bridge between Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and Stockholm… In fact, she goes wherever there is party, party or chaos!

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