BBB 24 Marcus Vinicius and Leidy Elin are considering the

BBB 24: Marcus Vinicius and Leidy Elin are considering the withdrawal of Yasmin Brunet

Marcus Vinicius and Leidy Elin spoke about Yasmin Brunet on BBB 24 Photo: Reproduction/Globo

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After Vanessa Lopes left, the payout button was once again the target of comments in the BBB24 this Saturday morning (27). On the balcony, Marcus Vinicius and Leidy Elin exchanged ideas about the relationship between Wanessa Camargo and Yasmin Brunet.

“If Wanessa leaves, Yasmin won’t be able to take much,” commented the brother, pointing to the extent of one famous person’s dependence on another. “I can't handle it, I think she's pushing the button,” said Leidy, agreeing with his friend.

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“She has to arrive, she has to appear,” said the flight attendant, who revealed that she had spoken to the model the day before and admitted that she would isolate herself if the singer left the show or was eliminated.

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“Yasmin and Wanessa are not the target for anyone. Bin used Wanessa because they had already clashed, but he won't send Wanessa to the wall. They are not anyone's target at the moment, they are doing very well in the lagoon.” “In my opinion, their game is very unknown to me because we don't know who they are voting for,” criticized the trancista.


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“It will be Davi until Davi leaves. He’s going to hammer in a nail that’s already been hammered in,” Marcus said.

Davi also believes Rodriguinho could give up

In a conversation with Juninho in the kitchen, Davi said that he had the impression that Rodriguinho could also give up at BBB 24. “Does Rodriguinho want to give up on the show?” asked the Bahian.

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“He said that when he caught the monster he would press the button, but he didn't. So I don't think he will give up. Maybe that changed his mind,” replied the motorcycle courier. “The same applies here: if you become weak, you will eventually become strong. It is in the well that we discover the strength we have,” he added.

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“The guy gets tired too, the guy who already has a family. He has a son, he has a wife, he has a house, he lives his life outside. I don't know it. Sometimes the guy came here and thought of this But he came here and saw something else. I miss the family too,” Davi recalled. “But it’s like you said: everything changes. Everything can change. Whoever is up goes down, whoever is down goes up. Whoever drops out one day could become the favorite,” he concluded.

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BBB 24 is expected to have 100 episodes in Globo's schedule. Tadeu Schmidt is presented, Mariana Mónaco is produced, Rodrigo Dourado is the artistic director and Boninho is the genre director. In the first week, the program had 26 participants. The reality show is shown from Monday to Saturday after Terra e Paixão and on Sundays after Fantástico.

Viewers can follow everything happening on BBB 24 24/7 by purchasing the PPV package from Globoplay, Sky, Claro TV, Zapping or Vivo TV, which has 12 simultaneous broadcast signals, including the traditional mosaic of cameras , the full videos and VOD (Videos on Demand) of the best moments. The official elimination vote will take place on GShow.

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